Friedl Holzer-Kjellberg

Friedl Holzer-Kjellberg 1905 - 1993

Become a ceramic designer for Arabia China Factory, year 1924.  Study trips to Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland. 

Partisipation in forein exhibitions: Barcelona 1929, Antverp 1931, Milan 1933, Brussels 1935, Paris 1937, Gothenburg 1941, Stockholm 1946, Cobenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo, Amsterdam, Zurich and Milan 1951, Great Britain, the USA and Canada 1952 - 54, A silver medal in Paris, a gold medal in Brussels and a gold medal in Milan X triannale 1954. It was she who revived the age-old rice technique in porcelain ware. Taide ja Työ, Wsoy, 1954