Birger Kaipiainen Viola plate 14 cm

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H 140 mm

Birger Kaipiainen Invenit, Arabia 1987

”VIOLA A piece of the graceful ”Orvokkimeri”, Sea of pansies, has been immortalized in honour of professor Birger Kaipiainen, an artist who gave ceramic art a style of his own. Mysterious, fabulous stories. Strong colours, rich exuberance full of imagery. “Viola” the platter, is a memento of one of the most renowned works of the artist. The monumental “Orvokkimeri” made in 1967 for the Montreal World Fair. In Montreal people queued up in order to see the famous, enchanting work of art. The hand decorated “Viola” platter is also a unique, singular work of art and a collector’s item. An owner of the platters, the platters available in three sizes, can have a sea of pansies of her own, similar to the original one.

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